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Having very high temperatures. Temperature in the fridge or freezer is very high. Fridge temperature is very high while the freezer temperature is at sufficient level. The refrigerator is adjusted to a very cold degree. Door seal of the fridge or freezer may be soiled, worn out, broken or not properly seated.

Thermostat detects the refrigerator at the same temperature. The freezer temperature is adjusted to a very cold degree.

The fridge temperature is adjusted to a very cold degree. The meats must be kept just below the freezing point of water to have them retain their freshness for a long time. The fridge temperature is adjusted to a very high degree. Fridge adjustment has an effect on the temperature of the freezer. The door might be left ajar. Adjust the refrigerator temperature to a higher degree until the temperature is sufficient. Clean or replace the seal. The fractures on the door seal cause the refrigerator to run for a longer time in order to maintain the current temperature.

The refrigerator runs and stops to keep the temperature stable. Adjust the freezer temperature to a higher degree until the temperature is sufficient. Adjust the fridge temperature to a higher degree.

Please see the above solution. Formation of ice crystals is normal because of the humidity in the meat. Drop the temperature of the fridge or freezer until the fridge or freezer temperature reaches to a sufficient level. Warm air rushes into the fridge or freezer when the doors are opened. Close the door completely. Wait until the fridge or freezer reaches the desired temperature by itself. Cooling down of the refrigerator completely takes time.

Adjust the fridge to a lower temperature. The fridge is running frequently or for a long time. The operation sound increases when the refrigerator is running.

The operation sound increases when the compressor starts running. Condensation on the inner walls of refrigerator. Humidity occurs on the outside of the refrigerator or between the doors. There is smell in the refrigerator. The refrigerator starts up running under high pressure during initial operating cycle. The floor is not even or it is weak. The refrigerator rocks when moved slowly.

The objects placed on top of the refrigerator rock. Plates on the shelves are vibrating. The refrigerator touches the wall or the cupboards. Hot and humid weather increases icing and sweating. The doors are ajar. Doors might have been opened very frequently or they might have been left open for along time. The weather may be humid. That the door being ajar causes collision of the warm air coming from outside and the cold air inside. Inside of the refrigerator must be cleaned. There might be food with pungent odor inside the refrigerator.

Some containers or packaging materials might be causing the smell. It is normal that the operation sound increases.

русском инструкция tm teka 620 на

The operation sound will decrease as the refrigerator keeps on running. Make sure that the floor is level, strong and capable to carry the refrigerator. Remove the objects on it.

Slightly vibrating of the plates is normal. Push the plates slightly. Make sure that the refrigerator is vertical on the floor. Place the refrigerator to a location where it cannot touch the cupboards or the wall.

Please refer to the section on problems in opening and closing of the doors. Open the door less frequently. This is quite normal in humid weathers.

620 инструкция на teka русском tm

When the humidity in the air is lesser, it should be eliminated. Make sure that the door is closed fully. Clean the inside of the refrigerator with a sponge, warm water or carbonated water.

Teka NF1 620 manual

Package the food entirely. Use a different container or different brand packaging material. Drawers can be hardly moved. Slamming one of the doors might have caused opening of the other. The refrigerator is probably not completely vertical on the floor and it might be rocking when slightly moved.

Teka TKX1 600 T User Manual

The floor is not level or strong. The food might be touching the ceiling of the drawer. The skid on which the drawer slides might have been soiled. Close both doors slowly.

Adjust the elevation screws. Make sure that the floor is even and capable to carry the refrigerator.

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Find a solution for the indenture or slant on the floor. Change the location of the refrigerator. Keep less food in the drawer. Clean the drawer and the skid on which the drawer slides. Perhaps the users of ManualsCat. By filling in the form below, your question will appear below the manual of the Teka NF1 Please make sure that you describe your difficulty with the Teka NF1 as precisely as you can.

The more precies your question is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user. You will automatically be sent an e-mail to inform you when someone has reacted to your question.

To do this, set the temperature selector to position. Heats only from beneath.

Hyper инструкция. Alinalt

Suitable for heating dishes and raising pastr y and similar. Lower element with fan It distributes the heat from the lower par t of the oven and is ideal for cakes with jam or fruit filling, which only require heating from beneath. Pre-heating is always necessar y. Grill and Lower element Special for roasts. It can be used for any piece, whatever its size.

Fire risk exists in case that cleaning does not take place according to the instructions. Filter cleaning To withdraw the filters from their locations release the anchoring points. Clean the filter, either by putting it in the dishwasher see notes or leaving it standing in hot water to simplify the removal of grease or, if wished, by means of special sprays protecting the non metallic parts. Once clean, leave it to dry.

The filter must be cleaned at least once a month depending on how often the extractor is used. It must be remembered that grease is deposited in the extractor when cooking, whether it is switched on or not.

A cloth moistened in this water is used for cleaning the extractor, paying special attention to the grids. Afterwards, dry it using a lint-free cloth. Once it is exhausted, it must be changed. Technische informatie Afbeelding 3 Afmetingen: Het onderste deel van de afzuigkap moet op een minimum hoogte van 60cm boven de kookplaat voor een elektrisch fornuis en 65cm voor een gasfornuis worden geplaatst.

Indien de aanwijzingen van het gasfornuis een grotere afstand aangeven, moet deze nageleefd worden. Wanneer de afzuigkap tezelfdertijd werkt met andere niet elektrische kooktoestellen, mag de uitlaatluchtdruk niet hoger zijn dan 4 Pa 4x bar.

Hoewel het raadzaam is naar buiten te ventileren, kunnen actieve koolstoffilters worden gebruikt waardoor de dampen terug naar de keuken gevoerd kunnen worden via de uitlaatpijp. Om de dampen via het bovenste deel af te voeren is een externe afvoerleiding nodig en moet de afvoerhendel op de "E" positie staan Afbeelding 5:

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