Инструкция yaesu vx 300

300 vx инструкция yaesu

Инструкции и карты обрезки антенн vx Стандартная комплектация имеет встроенный маскиратор речи инверсного типа. Для сохранении энергии батарей в станции можно активизировать режим экономии заряда.

В представленной станции появилась возможность установки цифрового записывающего устройства DVS Программирование станции производится с РС-совместимого компьютера. Возможно клонирование данных одной станции в другие.

Категория, Радиостанции портативные и носимые.

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Onega LT радиостанция бюджетного класса речного диапазона. Речная радиостанция Vertex Standard VX - Более не Описание; Возможности; Характеристики; Комплектация. Данные рации сняты с. This mode of operation allows the VX-7R to be used to drive a combination of bands functions reasonably well.


The hardware modification requires the removal of small solder contacts located under the battery pack. The software modification can be made with the VX Commander software through a data interface cable.

Both modifications obtain the same result, except that the software modification will be disabled if the radio is hard-reset. Due to the watertight housing of the radio, it was also airtight. This resulted in a pressure differential between the inside of the radio and the atmosphere, caused by changes in barometric pressure or altitude.

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This pressure differential prevented proper oscillation of the speaker diaphragm, resulting in reduced and muffled audio output. Yaesu remedied the problem by adding a small valve under the bottom left rubber armor, which allows equalization of the interior pressure with the atmosphere.

vx 300 yaesu инструкция

The design change was reflected in all new radios produced from that point on, and any older radios sent in for repair are retrofitted with this modification. Some VX-7R owners complained of poor microphone sensitivity, which resulted in low audio levels on transmit.


If small holes are pierced in the rubber seal covering the microphone diaphragm, then sound waves can better reach the microphone diaphragm, resulting in better audio sensitivity.

Faults and Problems[ edit ] After couple of years in service the radio might become insensitive to narrow-band FM signals as it has been reported by several users.

300 инструкция yaesu vx

Broadcast range FM reception and transmitting on all bands is not affected. The unit can be sent to the manufacturer or authorized service center for repairs, but skilled users reported successful repairs by replacing the filter s with same or equivalent part.

Год выпуска: 2005
Поддерживаемые ОС: Windows XP, 8.1,7, OSX
Локализация: RU
Вес : 906.65 Килобайт

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